Your November Guide to Preparing Your Garden for Summer

 Your November Guide to Preparing Your Garden for Summer

The long summer days, although celebrated by many Australians, can cause devastation to your outdoor area. Untamed branches and foliage, dead grass and sun-damaged furniture can have your garden looking more wild than wonderful. To create an enjoyable garden during summer, follow these tips from ​Houzz​ to get your garden back into shape in November.

Week 1 – Garden blitz

Your garden will be looking for a good pruning ahead of summer to stop it from turning into a jungle, as many plants experience plenty of growth in the warmer months. Professional on Houzz, ​Noelle Johnson​, explains that the main reasons for pruning are to encourage strong branching, to eliminate dead or diseased wood and to stimulating new growth

Other activities you may need to do to get your garden back into shape include mowing the lawn, weed control, and watering. If you live in bushland areas, make sure you remove dry leaves as well as a fire precaution. If your garden needs a good spring cleaning, a landscape professional will have tools such as loppers, shears, and mowers to get your garden back in control.

Week 2 – The perfect shade

Now that you’ve got your garden back under control, it’s time to start looking for the perfect shade. Many parts of Australia experience sweltering heat during the summer, but that shouldn’t be a reason to avoid relaxing in your outdoor area.

As the weather begins to heat up in spring, you can assess the areas of your garden that get the most sun and start looking into different shading options. For example, if it is an area that you would like to be able to sit or entertain in, you may want to install a pergola or create an outdoor room with a roof. Homeowners can find landscape designers and architects to help with these projects in the Houzz Pro directory. If you merely just want to offer some shading without constructions, trees and umbrellas are useful alternatives.

Week 3 – Update your outdoor furniture

Rejuvenate your outdoor area with colourful outdoor furniture and say goodbye to the plastic dining sets. According to the ​2020 Houzz & Home survey​, the second most popular furniture and decor products to buy for the outdoors are large furniture items such as lounge and dining sets (23%). Are we surprised? No, because Australians love to entertain in their backyard.

Week 4 (and beyond!) – Keep up the maintenance

You’re one week away from summer now, but the work isn’t over just yet. Now that your backyard is in shape, it’s about keeping it that way through the summer and into autumn. Here are some summer garden tips from pros in the ​Houzz Pro​ community:

Water early in the morning as damp foliage often attracts insects like snails overnight, and target the roots not the leaves – your plants will thank you for it!

Add mulch to keep the soil cool and so you are not dehydrating your garden

Choose heat-tolerant plants for your less shady areas

Carol Bucknell, garden design professional and contributor on Houzz, says “Once you’ve got the garden up to scratch you can sit back in summer and enjoy the results of your labours with a guilt-free conscience.”

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