These Are The Best Indoor Plants to Freshen up Your Home Study

 These Are The Best Indoor Plants to Freshen up Your Home Study

With tens of thousands of Australians now working from home, the ‘home office’ has had quite the resurgence. While attending meetings in track pants has been a definite pro, the slowly blurring line between work and play has made some home office spaces lose their charm.

If you are looking for simple, natural ways to breathe new life into your work or study space, check out these five indoor plants recommended by The Plant Runner.


Thriving on artificial light, Pileas are the perfect work or study buddy. Native to China, Pileas generally grow up to 50 centimetres, making them ideal for apartment or small space offices. Perched on a windowsill or sat next to a laptop, Pileas’ pebble-like leaves can add personality and charm to a simple working space. Just keep them out of direct sunlight and water once per week.


Also known as the ‘Arrowhead’, Syngoniums are a versatile plant that enjoys warm to humid climates. Unlike Pileas, Syngoniums thrive in well-lit spaces and enjoy a frequent mist. Their unique heart-shaped leaves start to climb as they mature, so placement in hanging pots is recommended. Freeing up precious desk space, hanging Syngoniums can add a new dimension to a work area, filling an empty corner or bringing a blank wall to life. If you prefer a tidier look, keep them regularly pruned with a good pair of secateurs.

Watermelon peperomia

Fun, fresh and flirty, Watermelon Peperomia can add charisma to an otherwise ordinary workspace. Native to South America, Watermelon Peperomia and their luscious leaves can grow up to a length of 18 centimetres. These guys love a bright space with plenty of indirect light. Watermelon Peperomia should be fed up to twice per month in the warmer months, and are best positioned alongside other indoor plants.

Mini Cacti

Perfect for the avid tourist or forgetful plant parent, Cacti are the kings of water preservation, surviving up to ten years indoors. Happiest in well-lit spaces, small cacti can add a quirky touch to your home office. Simply pop on your thickest gloves, find a funky pot, add cacti-friendly soil and plant your new prickly mate. Whether you are keen on one or a family of seven, mini cacti don’t require much maintenance and are with you for the long haul.


A luscious and lively plant, Hoyas are best hung high to showcase their spectacular spillage. Adding character to a bare corner or draping over a desk, Hoyas are a great addition to any workspace. Known for their thick waxy leaves, Hoyas are tropical indoor plants that can grow stunning fragrant flower clusters, also known as ‘porcelain flowers’. For a visually appealing and pleasantly aromatic addition to your home office, Hoyas are the way to go.

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