The Seven Perfect Plants of Apartment Living

 The Seven Perfect Plants of Apartment Living

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Are you looking to add a green touch to your apartment but don’t know where to start?
We’ve got you covered with our top seven list of easy-breezy plants for apartment living.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are the perfect pot pals. They can go weeks of neglect without attention and still show their love. If you have two left green thumbs, this plant is ideal for you, as they thrive in low light and water. It’s truly the best plant for the working bee with a green eye.

Peace Lily

The perfect plant to freshen up your Livingroom or bedroom a Peace Lily is one of the best plants for air purification. The ever-popular plant is a firm favourite due to is long dark green leaves and aurum-like white flower which appears in spring.


An ultimate crowd-pleaser, who doesn’t love a succulent? Their no-rush no-fuss lifestyle makes them the best setter and forgetter. They require little upkeep and thrive in bathrooms. Succulents are usually humid, so make sure to have a hot and steamy shower at least once a month.


Are you looking for a little more privacy on your balcony? Bamboo is a brilliant natural screen. It’s fast-growing and surprisingly cheaper than more traditional varieties of screen plants. A Bonus, bamboo will invite good feng shui energy into your home.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

It is the ideal plant for the corner of your lounge room. The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a popular choice for those looking for a larger specimen to add to their collection. The Fiddle leaf Fig enjoys bright, indirect sunlight. It needs little water in the winter but enjoys a nice drop-in summer.


Nothing will ever beat a Bonsai – the word Bonsai literally means ‘planted in a pot’. The art of manicuring this dwarfed tree dates back to the twelfth century in China. What better way to invite a piece of living history and culture into your home? The Bonsai crave direct sunlight and thrive in damp soil.

Image by spurekar

Chinese Money Plant

Also known as a UFO or pancake plant, the Chinese Money Plant is the ideal windowsill sitter. These little green gems are partial to shady spots and are reactively easy to care for; they enjoy a similar no-rush no-fuss lifestyle of a succulent.

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