The Secret Life of Houseplants: A Beginners Guide

Have you ever walked into a home with a beautiful array of houseplants and wondered “Wow! Are those real?” and at second glance “Oh my gosh, they are real!” You then spend the next hour contemplating how you too can become a master of the Green Arts. Now, we know it can be a little daunting to know what to buy and how to care for your new house plants so we spoke to Amy Wilson from A W Interior Design for her tips on how you can begin your journey into becoming a successful plant parent.

Let’s begin with a few simple questions for you to ask yourself before heading to the local nursery:

-What style of plant am I attracted to? 

-Where do I want to put my plants and how much space do I have?

-How bright is my home and these locations?

-How much time do I have to put into my houseplants?

Over the years there have been multiple studies on plants and their impact on indoor air quality. Indoor air can be filled with pollutants that could come from paint, plastics, furniture, and any everyday chemical we might use such as detergents and sprays. The best news is there’s a solution – plants! Scientists have discovered that the humble houseplant is an expert at filtering these harmful chemicals from the air. Now that you don’t need any more convincing let’s look at some potential options for you to get your next dose of “Vitamin G”:

Giant Peace Lily 

This plant loves low maintenance care and is a beautiful sculptural plant with dark green glossy leaves and spectacular white flowers

Zanzibar Gem 

It’s been described as the ultimate indoor plant because of its ability to thrive in low light, and it doesn’t mind lack of water either. 

Heartleaf Philodendron

With beautiful heart-shaped leaves, these plants are great for hanging baskets or pots and are easy to propagate from cuttings. 


One of the most popular plants on the market. These have beautiful tropical foliage and love indirect sunlight.

Jade Plant 

In Feng Shui the “money plant” is considered very lucky for the home and is very low maintenance so maybe it’s time to run out and by that lottery ticket.

Now that you’ve bought half the nursery, where do you put all this gorgeous new greenery?


Look at floor space and see if there’s a spot for a pot or two, by the window or next to the side table can look lovely. Consider a spot on your bedside table if the plant is compact.


Plants love moisture, so bathrooms are a great place for a splash of green. Quite often there’s a space next to the shower or toilet, you could also use your vanity and brighten up your wash-up area.

Living and Dining

There’s such a lovely feeling sitting among greenery, bring the outdoors in and surrounding your space with a variety of potted treasures, mix and match to create some texture and interest, or choose a larger plant as a statement feature for the room.

Now you can create your indoor oasis. Happy planting! 

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