Serenity and Luxury at Lilypad Palm Beach

 Serenity and Luxury at Lilypad Palm Beach

Photo: @lilypadpalmbeach/Instagram

Flying by private seaplane to a floating luxury villa and being met by champagne and seafood platter upon arrival. Sounds pretty dreamy, right?

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Introducing Lilypad Palm Beach, a blissful buoyant sanctuary that offers high-end accommodation like no other.

OzHomeNews spoke to Chuck Anderson, the brains behind Lilypad, and talked all about his amazing creation and how the recent choppy waters have affected his floating business.

Photo: @lilypadpalmbeach/Instagram

Located just a short drive (or flight) from Sydney’s CBD, Lilypad Palm Beach brilliantly encapsulates the wonderful nature that surrounds it and compliments it by offering luxurious quirks and features, making it one of the most unique getaway experiences imaginable.

“Your average hotel, no matter how luxurious, is still four walls and a roof with a different marble benchtop, whereas what we offer is the very high-end finishes, but then we couple them with an amazing experience that’s completely different,” says Chuck.

Prices for the floating resort-style accommodation start at $1,650 per night, whilst it can also be used for corporate events, Christmas parties and private celebrations like anniversaries and proposals – and what a way to propose!

“We’re about a 15-minute seaplane ride from Rose Bay near Sydney’s CBD, it’s an amazing way to arrive, flying all the way past Sydney’s Northern Beaches before landing right by Lilypad.”

Photo: @lilypadpalmbeach/Instagram

And the indulgence doesn’t stop there, in fact, its just getting started, as you are met by quite the welcome at Lilypad.

“All the on-board meals are prepared by our chef off-site, all inclusive of boutique Australian wines, with champagne and seafood platter on arrival, you get all the bells and whistles that’s for sure.”

Photo: @lilypadpalmbeach/Instagram

The stay also includes a private tender to explore the surrounding bays and beaches, or, if you’d prefer you can call the concierge and you can be picked up and dropped off as you please, offering a personal and truly unique experience.

“We get a mix of high-end clients that have stayed in every hotel there is around the world, and are a bit tired of the same thing, but we offer something different.”

Photo: @eyedee/Instagram

Chuck grew up in Pittwater, and with a background in marine engineering, has spent a lot of his life on boats and on the water.

It’s a pretty magical thing to feel the water, but it can also be quite intimidating for some people.

Chuck Anderson, the founder of Lilypad

“I guess what inspired me was that I recognised not everyone can just jump on a boat and enjoy it. So, I created a nice stable platform, and basically eliminated the need of movement from A to B, so you don’t need a nautical skillset to be able to have the experience and connection with the water.”

Photo: @lilypadpalmbeach/Instagram

“I grew up in Pittwater, it’s a very special part of Sydney. I believe it’s a much more beautiful waterway than Sydney Harbour to be honest. With plenty of beautiful streets and beautiful homes, Palm Beach is a nice relaxing area to be in,” Chuck says.

Photo: @eyedee/Instagram

Lilypad has been operating since August 2018, and has been a massive hit with customers, but when coronavirus restrictions brought travel to a halt, the boutique accommodation had to make some adjustments.

“It’s been extremely popular; we’ve been flat out. April was a big challenge for us though, but since then it’s really picked up with people coming and enjoying staying at Lilypad.

“Inherently, our product is almost designed for isolation and that kind of environment.

“Two people from the same household can come and stay at Lilypad and they’re not rubbing shoulders with other guests or anything like that, so in that instance, it’s been a much easier adjustment for us,” explains Chuck.

With Aussies being encouraged to explore and appreciate what our beautiful country has to offer, Lilypad is the perfect answer, balancing serenity and luxury to create the ideal vacation location.

Fancy isolating at Lilypad Palm Beach? Because we certainly would!
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