New year is an ‘ox-picious’ time to buy

Let the honest ox chase away the rat!

2020, the year of the rat, is over, and on Friday, February 12, we welcomed in 2021 as the year of the ox.

A diligent, honest and strong animal, the ox is associated with good harvests and change.

Yong Real Estate agent Tom Zhang says the year of the ox is well suited for financial situations.

That means Australia’s property market should have an ‘ox-some’ year!

“The year of the ox is a year of change, it’s a year of prosperity, so change the whole situation,” Tom says. “We want change after 2020, and the ox changes and adapts with the situation.”

“The property market is going crazy. It’s a bull market, in the year of the ox, it’s auspicious.”

Chinese culture ascribes different meanings to different numbers, but Tom says not even houses with unlucky numbers will stop people from buying in the new year.

“The numbers 8 and 18 are good because they mean to make money, and 20 is good as well,” he says.

“4 is unlucky, but people are still looking at those houses, I don’t think numbers are playing a big part because the market is just so good. People just want to buy.”

The ox is an adaptable hard worker well suited to the changing times we find ourselves in. It brings about radical change in existing states of affairs, so whether you’re looking to add to your property portfolio or enter the property market for the first time, 2021 will be an ‘ox-picious’ year!

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