‘BAJO EL SOL’- Kelle Howard’s Luxury Design House

I really wanted to focus on bringing the outside in, lots of glass, lots of open spaces, so it felt like a resort when I was at home.

Kelle Howard

Come on a walk through ‘Bajo El Sol,’ a minimalist, Ibiza-inspired house carefully considered to the last detail…


Tucked away in a popular enclave of Burleigh Heads, a slice of Greece, Ibiza, Mexico fused together to create something glorious. Something you walk into and think, wow, is this for real?

Natasha: “Hello Kelle, nice to meet you.”

Kelle: “Nice to meet you, so good to meet you, welcome to Bajo El Sol.”

Conceived from her own imagination, this is designer Kelle Howard’s dream home on the Gold Coast.

Natasha: “What was your approach to the design process?”

Kelle: “So I really wanted to focus on bringing the outside in, lots of glass, lots of open spaces, so it felt like a resort when I was at home.”

There’s this immediate emotional connection to the whimsical interiors. A softness to the space you can’t help but soak up.

Natasha: “What are the most exciting aspects of architecture in here?”

Kelle: “So I love the stair detail, this is a little late development, that we had here, I really wanted to include brass, I see a lot of glass so I wanted to incorporate something that was a little different.”

Stimulating the desire to touch are the fusion of natural textures refracting light into a rainbow of dimensions.

Kelle: “I am a really big fan of including soft lighting in any space. The name of the House is Under the Sun, and the light reminds you of the sunrise and sunset.”

There’s a noticable shift away from pre-fabricated furniture. Something not only unique but perfect for Kelle is her custom-designed coffee table and outdoor piece..

Natasha: “Did you place a lot of importance on individuality?

Kelle: I just really focused on what was true to my style, I try not to follow trends, when I’m working with clients it’s really important for me to create something that was timeless.”

Stretching outside, curvaceous lines and fluid spaces form a beautiful flowing appearance.

Kelle: “There’s a really nice energy, a nice setting of the trees around us but just having lots of places for people to come and visit and hang out and chill is really special.”

Back inside, the warmest of welcomes greet you by the stairs.

Kelle: “I’ve long been a fan of Vasciek who is a Byron Bay artist. I found it in his collection before Christmas and it felt like the perfect spot for it.”

Looking charmingly indulgent is Kelle’s master bedroom.

Kelle: “Basically when I started sourcing the decor for the house I actually sourced these vintage Moroccan rugs first and used them as the colour palette for the room.”

Undeniably raw and authentic just like her bathrooms.

Kelle: “So I sourced these tiles from Morocco, which were special and the Venetian plaster wall as well, I wanted it to be seamless, I didn’t want tiles on the walls, or shower screens.”

“Where do you feel when you’re in here? Yeah, I don’t feel like I’m on the Gold Coast. But theres’ not a place I’d rather be, I love living here.”

The art of letting go is hard when leaving a home like this, where you feel more adventurous, more alive, and more at peace in your surroundings. And that is rare and totally addictive.


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