Inside the Mind of an Interior Designer: KJK Interiors

When seeing astonishing houses and intriguing designs all over the world, we have all probably wondered how on earth do the designers come up with such incredible ideas?

Well lucky for us, today we are hearing all about it from a talented interior designer Karen Kunst, the founder of KJK Interiors.

She is the interior designer behind the stunning scene of our interview, the beautiful residence at 16 Geelong Street, East Brisbane.

Tune in to hear what inspires her, and what are her favourite elements of this particular project! 

The industrial yet elegant Geelong Street home is created in collaboration with the developer, Effinity projects, and the architect, Gatehouse Architects.

“I’ve been doing quite a few projects with them, they’re a really great team to work with,” says Karen.

The inspiration for her spectacular projects she draws from the clients, and works closely with them throughout the entire process.

I am a people person, I do love working with my clients, I like having the relationship with them.

Karen Kunst, KJK Interiors

“Inspiration is a beginning of the process – you sit with your client and you go through the whole brief. They give you their style preferences and what they would like to do with the home, and I just go from there,” she explains. 

Karen has been building her own business for two years now, and she loves creating timeless spaces for a diversified clientele. 

It is about bringing beautiful places to Brisbane and beyond.

Karen Kunst, KJK Interiors

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Karen Kunst
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