How to make your rental feel like home

Furnishing a rental can be tricky, especially when you’re unsure of which pieces to invest in and whether they’re allowed. While tenancy agreements may limit some creative decorating ideas, there is still plenty you can do to customise your space and add a homey feel that’s all yours. We spoke to the style experts at Temple & Webster for their tips on how to add some personal flair without compromising your contract!

Opt for smart furniture choices

Try to find furniture that can be moved around easily to take the pain out of decorating a temporary space. Modular sofas break apart and can be configured to suit any living room layout so you don’t have to worry about it fitting into your next home too! For an easy-to-move piece of furniture that doesn’t sacrifice style, bar carts are not only the perfect way to bring happy hour home, they are also joyfully chameleonic; they have the ability to morph from bedside table to hallway unit, from side table to indoor plant display shelf. If you find yourself wanting to change up the way a room looks, simply wheel it into a new position in your home.

Embrace statement lighting

Never underestimate the wonders of beautiful light fixtures and what they can do to make a space feel warm and homey. Look to replace any outdated or ordinary light fixtures with statement pendant lights that reflect your personal taste. They can become a stylish focal point in a room without having to take up valuable floor space, and can create cosy ambient lighting. Just make sure you keep the original light fixtures to replace at the end of your tenancy!

Find unique ways to display art

Artwork can really dress up a space and help you make your mark. If you’re hesitant to hang your art, there are a number of ways to display your artwork without leaving any marks on your rental home walls. Make the most of your home’s architectural features and lean artwork against walls for a casual display that you can easily alternate and update. For smaller framed pieces, try placing them on bookcases or shelving at eye level as part of a vignette with books and sculptural objects to add visual dimension and drama.

Add warmth and texture with rugs

If you’re looking to add a level of cosiness to cold tiles or to cover up scuffed hardwood, an extra-large rug could be the perfect solution. Adding rugs to any space creates warmth and texture, and instantly makes a room feel more luxurious. They’re also great to create zones in an open-plan space, giving that area a feeling of intimacy and a sense of purpose.

Create the illusion of another wall with a room divider

Consider room dividers or partitions to create zones and provide a handy ‘wall’ to display artwork and other decorative items. This is particularly helpful for those looking to create a separate ‘work from home’ space within a larger living room layout.

Add plenty of plants

A bit of greenery can instantly transform the look and feel of any home, and add some much-needed oxygen! If you don’t have much of a green thumb, faux plants are still a fabulous option to add a personal touch to your rental home without the upkeep. Try to incorporate different sized plants throughout your home for a more dynamic feel.

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