How to Make Old Furniture Look Like New

 How to Make Old Furniture Look Like New

For many of us it can be a daunting task to think about buying new furniture when we’re perfectly comfortable with our well lived in, slightly faded, couch or that scratched up dresser which has amazing storage. Well, it’s not too late to bring back some life into your all-time favourite pieces.

We spoke to Amy Wilson from A W Interior Design for her top 10 tips for breathing a new lease of life into old furniture.

Paint it

It’s amazing what a simple coat of paint can do to transform a rundown piece of furniture. Nowadays, you can purchase paints which have built in primer, so there’s no need for sanding or prepping, just do a quick dust off and grab that paintbrush!

Buff it

Many wood pieces generally just need a good polishing and buff to make them look like new.

Upholster It

Is that cushion on your chair looking a little worse for wear? Find a fabric you adore, have it reupholstered and watch the instant transformation happen.

Cover it

Couches can sometimes have a great shape but not a great colour or condition. Look into a couch slip, they’re inexpensive and come in an array of colours to suit every style and taste.

Spray it

One of the fastest and easiest ways to transform furniture is spray paint. Just make sure to read directions and do any prep work to avoid paint peeling due to lack of preparation.

Strip it

Let’s say you have a dresser you love but you hate the colour; strip it! There are many products on the market that can help you strip furniture back to its original wood grain.

Accessorize it

So, you’ve covered your couch with a slip but it still looks a little plain, accessorize it! Get some soft, poofy cushions or a textured throw and watch your couch come back to life.

Embellish it

This one isn’t for everybody, but these days there are so many wonderful studs and embellishment products you can use to fancy up a plain old bedhead or favourite chair. With some patience and effort, you can have a renewed piece of furniture that looks extra special.

Fluff it

Saggy furniture is never a great look but do not fear, “fluffing” is here! So what is fluffing? Fluffing involves sending those saggy old cushions in for restuffing. There are many companies who provide this service and the difference is amazing.

Clean it

I know this seems like an obvious choice but quiet often most soft furniture that’s heavily stained takes on a new life when it is professionally cleaned. For under $100 most companies can come to your home, clean your whole couch and get it looking in tip top shape.

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