Homeware Trends to Look Out For

 Homeware Trends to Look Out For

This year, there has been a demand for cool greys as a backdrop for bold, brave and empowering colours. This style is all about showcasing daring and optimistic statements in your home to express creativity and playfulness on a minimalistic canvas. It’s all about being perfectly imperfect with a fabulous flaunt of colourful quirks and collected pieces. And one thing’s for sure; the colour grey is reigning supreme when it comes to the trendiest tone to use around the house. And if you want to more about this ongoing homeware craze, we spoke to Plantation Homes for their take on which grey homeware trends you should be incorporating into your home.

Cool Grey

The room becomes filled with high energy levels bursting from the youthful colour palette surrounding the space. Cool Greys to use in this style include Dulux Grey Pail, Paramount Design and Knowing.


Greige teamed with greens and natural earthy tones as a part of the revive trend that showcases new life to old timeless pieces, the relationship we have with nature as well as embracing a more comfortable, carefree approach to life. Greys to use with this style include Dulux Ohai Half, Dawson Falls & Narrow Neck.

Soft Grey

When it comes to soft greys, they are wonderfully complementing when used alongside beautiful palettes of tranquility. Pastels in greeny greys, lilacs, soft oranges and nudes come together to create a sense of wellness, relaxation and calm within a space. Greys that work perfectly with this trend include Dulux Bleaches Quarter, Warm Granite and Vanilla Quake.

Deep Greys

Deep greys find their way into eclectic elegance, where rich and regal bold hues are softened by paler shades to create a space. We see a marriage of traditional craftmanship of old-world charm, and modern declaration with new world chic, where statement greys highlight the detail elements in furniture, lighting and joinery to add an overall element of sophistication to a room. Try using Dulux Drive Time, Ticking or Domino with this style.

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