Here’s How to Up-Style Your Dressing Room

A dressing room is the epitome of luxury – ample space to present and store your clothes, shoes and accessories.  But how do you create your own piece of dressing room heaven?

We spoke to Vicki Gillingham, Henley Design Manager, who shared her dream list on how to create that touch of lavishness in your dressing room.

Furnish it out

Depending on the size of your dressing room haven, the furniture pieces need to have a specific and important role to avoid overcrowding and clutter.

According to Vicki, don’t try putting a dressing table in the space if it feels too closed in.

“Put in a large mirror instead with maybe a smaller sider table or higher console table to display jewellery, sunglasses and belts.”

“The most popular seating solution would be a bench seat either in the middle if there is space or up against a wall or under a window. You need to sit down to put your shoes on, to pull on stockings or fitted jeans. It’s also a great spot to put clothes if you don’t have time to pack them away straight away.” Vicki adds.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

“The best dressing rooms are the ones you don’t have to leave to get dressed! A full-length mirror is a must in this space – ones that are on trend at the moment are arched mirrors or big bohemian style timber framed ones that you can leave on the floor and lean it against the wall,” says Vicki.

“They are a must have accessory in this room and the benefit of this style of mirror, is that you can move it around if you need to!”

Storage heaven

“Open shelves are great for chunkier clothing items or pants.  These are only ideal if you are neat and can keep clothes folded, otherwise they can look really messy. An alternative option would be drawers. It is paramount that everything has its own place so that the dressing room doesn’t become cluttered and you know exactly where to put each item away.”

Packing it well

Capsule wardrobes are becoming more and more popular, keeping your favourite pieces on show all year round. 

“Style your wardrobe in colour order, and in item order. I style mine in the following order: Dresses, skirts/pants, tops shirts, knits/cardigans, jackets/coats.”

“Within those items, they are colour coordinated: Whites, greys, neutrals, denims, greens then blacks.  It looks so much better have this as well and as it is easier to remember where to put items back! The more items you can hang up the better as this keeps more space in drawers so that you can see everything when you open them!

“Another great tip is to have all of the same hangers! This makes it super easy to hang all items as the hangers are the same size. I like matt black hangers and have seen some nice rose gold coloured ones!”

Let there be light

“Lighting is always important in a dressing room. If you have downlights, make sure you have enough to provide sufficient brightness and coverage.  Another option is to put in a large window to provide natural light,” Vicki adds.

“If you want the space to be luxurious and expensive, consider adding a dimmer switch to your dressing room. You can also even add strip lighting to the rails to provide a sophisticated, minimal touch.  If you want a light and open dressing room (Marie Kondo Style) then natural lighting is key!” Vicki adds.

Colour selection

Choosing the colour theme for your dressing room is very personal, depending on your style and colour palette preferences.

Vicki says, “Have a think about how you want to feel when you enter your dressing room. Do you want it to feel luxurious and romantic? Or spacious and minimal?  Darker timbers and dark paint can make the dressing room feel luxurious, whereas a light, bright and white with natural oak timbers will make the space feel more open and more of a Byron Bay vibe.”

Finishing touches

“I would keep photographs out of this space as you want to keep it primarily to display clothing as there is enough going on here!” Vicki says.

“I would also recommend adding some indoor plants in this space as well. Plants are great in smaller spaces like a dressing room because they aid to absorb excess moisture in the air through their leaves and therefore, less mould and humidity around your clothes! Look for ferns or palms as a natural dehumidifier. Chuck a fern on a side table with a candle next to your big leaning mirror and you’re good to go!”

With your dressing room, adding your personal touches creates a space fit for royalty.

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