Here’s how to successfully Airbnb your home

 Here’s how to successfully Airbnb your home

In recent years, Airbnb hasn’t just changed the way in which we holiday – it too has given homeowners a new way to generate income they wouldn’t otherwise have been privy too. In years gone by, renting out your home to holidaymakers would have been an almost unthinkable feat, but with the rise in popularity of Airbnb, Stayz and home-swaps alike, more and more people are jumping on the metaphorical bandwagon when it comes to making your home pay for itself.

However, while Airbnb-ing your home can prove to be a popular way of making a (mostly) passive income, there are various things to considering before you start to welcome strangers into your abode. From outsourcing to cleaning, to ensuring all necessary boxes are ticked, here’s how to successfully Airbnb your home.

To self-manage or to outsource?

While being an Airbnb host can come with its benefits – it too can come with a work load you might not have anticipated prior to signing up. From photographing your home to getting creative with the listing, to responding to all guest queries, hosting can be something of a time-sap. If you have neither the knowledge nor the know-how to self-manage your property, it’s time to call in the experts. While they will take a cut of your income (usually around 15%), they take the hassle out of hosting, mean your Airbnb experience can be bother-free.

Consider insurance options

An absolute non-negotiable when it comes to renting out your property is ensuring you’re adequately ensured. While you’ll be protected by Airbnb’s own insurance property, it’s essential to have sufficient coverage that will protect you against theft and accidental damage for total peace of mind through the renting process.

First impressions count

While it may seem obvious, being friendly and approachable from the get-go when in contact with potential guests is a vital part both the host and guest experience alike. Successful hosts are often those who are go above and beyond what’s expected of them to ensure that their guest’s stay is both smooth and satisfying.

Home away from home

The key attribute about Airbnb that makes it so popular is that it offers a home away from home and most guests love the opportunity to ‘live like a local’ by staying in someone’s home. There’s no need to take down personal touches, as that homely feel is what sets Airbnb apart from other accommodation options. Having a useful handbook with information about local amenities, restaurant recommendations, public transport and any neighbourhood knowledge you can offer will make the guest experience an easier one; resulting in a higher rating for you as a host.

Professional cleaning

Though guests expect a homely feel, it’s part and parcel of all Airbnb experiences that homes should be cleaned to a meticulous standard. If you’ve got neither the time nor the stamina to give your home a thorough and systematic clean, leave it to the professionals. The last thing you want is a negative review from a guest who’s got an eye for detail and is pedantic when it comes to wayward dust and debris.  

Attention to detail

The highest rated hosts on Airbnb focus on the finer details. From stocking the kitchen with condiments such as tea, coffee and fresh milk, to ensuring the WIFI password is easy to find, and providing toiletries in the bathroom, considering a few extras for your guests can make all the difference to their overall experience.

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