Here’s How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Want to give a small bathroom personality without overwhelming it? ​Ari Zorlu – a bathroom design veteran at luxurious bathroom ware distributor Paco Jaanson – is here to help make your compact bathroom space as open and unique as you are.


Installing a larger mirror can make your space appear to be double in size. It’s a great investment for a dramatic look, for a fraction of the price of other alternatives. Choose a mirror with a frame or a wall-to-wall mirror, and double the impact by adding lights to the frame to make your bathroom look brighter – therefore appearing larger. Place the mirror above the sink and closer to the ceiling to add to the illusion.

Floating Vanity

For those who are looking for more storage space, go for a floating vanity. It has enough room for all your necessities, whilst giving the illusion of a larger and open bathroom with visuals of the flooring.

Glass Shower Doors

Not only are glass shower doors splash-proof, but they also remove the visual obstruction of shower curtains or patterned glasses, making the space feel more open and airy. To boost this illusion, match the flooring in the shower with the rest of the bathroom for an even more seamless look.

Wall Hung Toilet

Like a floating vanity, a wall hung toilet keeps the floor clear of a bulky throne. These minimalistic toilets take up less space in the bathroom, giving it a clean and modern aesthetic.

Tiles and Flooring

Enhance the space in your bathroom by covering the floor in both your bathroom and shower areas with one continuous tile style. It gives your bathroom space more depth as it appears as one large room instead of two distinct areas. Rectangular tiles are also a great way to trick the eyes. Lay them horizontally to give the illusion of wider walls, then lay the same tile vertically to make your bathroom look longer.

Lighter colours

Darker hues make the room feel more compressed and the ceilings feel lower than they are. Ari suggests sticking to one or two colours and keeping them simple and soft to open up the space. Light grey or pale tones are great choices to create a spa-like atmosphere at home.

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