Here’s how to create that holiday feeling at home

With international travel on hold for the foreseeable future, it’s no surprise that many of us are craving a holiday. And while the allure of a luxurious week spent lounging on a European beach remains nothing more than a distant dream, there is a way to infuse your home with that unbeatable holiday feeling.

Simone Mathews, founder and director of Soul Home, a platform that gives property owners the confidence and know-how to create a home with year-round vacay vibes, has established herself as a pioneer in all things holiday. After her first holiday home project, Soul of Gerringong, soared to Insta-fame and became booked out 12-months in advance, Simone soon after realised she had found a niche in the market and has since helped homeowners across Australia create both a home, and a lifestyle, that they never want to take a break from. Here, Simone shares her tips for creating that holiday feeling at home.

Focus on the feeling

Just as the topic implies, it is all about the holiday feeling.  So often, I see people focusing, predominantly, on the look and style of their property, completely forgetting to take into account the actual feeling it ignites. Start by asking yourself what that feeling you have and long for when on holidays actually is?   99.9% of the time, that answer will be ‘relaxed’, which is exactly what you want to focus on. Understand what that feeling means to you, personally, the ways you can work towards achieving it, and what factors go into recreating it in your own home.

Be unique using the 70/20/10 rule

When creating that holiday feeling or look in your home, it is all about defining your own, unique look. You want it to have soul (excuse the pun).  The easiest to way to do this is using my 70/20/10 rule. Simply put, this formula sees 70% of one style, 20% of another and a final 10% layer to bring it all together.  By combining the three styles, you will achieve a look and feel to your home that encompasses those much-loved holiday vibes year-round – no stark, cookie-cutter looks here!

Consider your favourite destination

The key, here, is to bring to life all the vibes and memories you experienced whilst holidaying at your favourite destination, and incorporate these in to your home.  It may be a framed photo or print on your wall, or keepsakes that you have collected from past trips. Simply group them together and you’ll, instantly, be transported to your favourite destination on the daily.

Invest in storage & declutter

Our holidays are a time when we get to stop.  I, personally, describe the holiday feeling as the moment you take a deep breath in, and breathe out. Your shoulders relax and you suddenly feel lighter.  That is how you want to feel in your own home. In order to achieve this, you need to declutter your mind and your home. Pack things away and create a clean space.  You know the saying – a clean house equals a clean mind.   Wall hooks are my absolute go to when it comes to styling tricks. They are available in so many styles, perfectly suited to all types of homes, from contemporary, to coastal, to classic.


No matter what style or size of your home, greenery is always key.  The inclusions of a selection of indoor plants or greenery in vases will instantly add to that holiday feeling.  Flowers and greenery lift your mood, adding a bit of life to your home.  Think palms if the beachside holiday is your thing, or, perhaps, an olive tree if you’re more partial to a countryside retreat.  And if the idea of keeping plants alive cancels out those holiday vibes, faux plants are more than ok in my professional opinion!


The best thing about holidays is the added down time, so how do we create that opportunity at home, too? Style your coffee table with a selection of books, or add a bookshelf to your bedroom.  Placing books within your line of sight will provide you with a greater chance of taking some time out, just like you would on holidays.  And when choosing your books, opt for ones that both interest and, also, compliment the colour palette of your home, aesthetically.


Picture in your mind arriving on holiday. I bet that thought includes music playing in the background, setting the tone and helping you to unwind. So, when it comes to bringing that holiday feeling home, consider investing in a set of speakers to bring that music to life. Sonos have some great ones that can blend into the interiors of your homes (and your outdoors, too, perfect for entertaining).

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