Here’s How To Add Copper To Your Home

 Here’s How To Add Copper To Your Home

Decorating your homes is one of the easiest ways to add a personal touch to our living spaces. So, when it comes to decorating, it makes sense to spend some due diligence when it comes to deciding what goes where.

In order to make a house a home, many of us invest both time and money in interior design. But sometimes all a house needs is a few simple tweaks to up the style stakes. Introducing natural textures to your home can make the world of difference, and a material like copper is great thanks to its versatility and timeless style.

From the kitchen to the bathroom and beyond, here’s how to add copper to your home to up your interiors game.

Introducing copper in the kitchen

Because it’s a metal, copper looks great when incorporated into the kitchen, and gives off a stylish industrial vibe that fits well with cuisine attire.

A great way to introduce copper into the kitchen is by investing in copper cookware. Copper is completely safe to cook with, it distributes the heat evenly; however, it does need to be lined with another non-reactive metal. So, if you’re planning on buying copper cookware for more than just decoration, make sure to check that it’s constructed according to safety standards. 

And if you don’t want to cook in it, it will still look impressive just as decoration. Place it in an open kitchen cabinet, or buy a vase that you can put on the kitchen table or the countertop. You can also decorate plant pots with copper leaves and give them an exciting accent. Copper backsplash tiles also look great, and they’re fairly easy to clean and look after, which is always a plus.

Adding copper to the bathroom

One of the coolest things that you can do is to have copper details in the bathroom. The colour of copper can be a bit overwhelming when put in small areas, so it’s essential to be careful and not over-do it.

One of the most common places where people opt for copper is the douche pipe, as it really brings that industrial feel in the bathroom. Other cool places that look great with copper are the sink faucet, towel hanger, and accents on the cabinet handles.

How to incorporate copper in the bedroom

If you want to introduce this natural texture in your bedroom, try adding some subtle copper made objects. Another stylish way of using copper in the bedroom is to wrap any exposed pipes in copper leaves. Also, any bowls used to store items can be replaced with ones made out of copper. Additionally, if you have bedside tables with exposed legs, you can wrap them with copper for an extra touch of industrial flair.

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