Here Are Five Expert Tips To Get Your Pool Swim Ready For Summer

 Here Are Five Expert Tips To Get Your Pool Swim Ready For Summer

With the balmiest months of the year just around the corner, and peak swimming season on its way, there’s never been a better time to prep your pool. If yours has had limited use in recent months, it’s likely that it might be in need of a bit of attention to get it in tip-top condition for the summer season. And if you’re not sure where to start, here are five top tips from the Swimart experts on how best to give your pool a little TLC to ensure that it’s swim-ready for summer.

Test the pool water

The results will indicate whether your pool needs chlorine, pH, calcium or total alkaline levels adjusted. A water expert will advise you on the best course of action and recommend the appropriate products.

Check your pool equipment 

Before you add any products to your pool, turn your pump on and run it for a few hours to help clear debris and dirt from the water. Check the filter, skimmer box and pump to ensure they’re all working efficiently and clear any blockages or visible calcium build-up. 

Balance pool water

Pool water turns green when the chlorine level is too low. If your pool water’s chlorine is below 0.5ppm (a technician will be able to determine its level), you need to ‘shock’ the water with a large dose of chlorine to get it to 10ppm. Run the filter after dosing and don’t enter the pool until the chlorine level falls below 3ppm (high chlorine levels can cause itchy skin and dry, red eyes).

Add a quality sanitiser

Your pool water may need to be sanitised to condition and ready it for other treatments. The team at Swimart recommends a chlorine-free treatment called Aqua-Health Ultra Shock, which destroys organic waste and leaves your pool water clean and healthy. Simply dose while the pump is running and wait a few hours before swimming.

Keep an eye on your pets

Did you know that one dog swimming in the pool is the equivalent of 20 people taking a dip?! That’s mainly due to the fact they dig around in the dirt, which has myriad bacteria and organic material. If your pooch loves playing in the pool, ensure you regularly check chemical levels to ensure it’s clean and healthy.

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