Graya Brings the WOW to OzHomeNews

 Graya Brings the WOW to OzHomeNews

Brothers Rob and Andrew Gray are the masterminds behind Graya Construction, and Ozhomenews had the chance to chat to Rob at the site of their latest project which is a little closer to home than usual.

‘Arcos’, in Paddington, is Rob’s new home currently under construction. We had the chance to get a first-hand look at some of the quirks and features taking shape and got to pick Rob’s brain about all things design.

The name ‘Arcos’ translates as arches, and from the outline of the large, grand, archway that greets you at the front of the site, it’s instantly apparent why the name is so fitting.

The home was a bit worse for wear when it was purchased for $1.525 million but Rob explains that he had been planning to rescue the home for a while.

“So, before, it was actually just a little cottage,” says Rob. “It was really run down so I swooped in and purchased.

“I had my eye on this property for a while, it’s such a good street in Paddington. So, when this house came up, I knew I wanted it. I knew the block size, I knew everything about it, I pushed hard, and I bought it,” explains Rob.

Despite the property currently resembling a building site rather than a fully furnished home, you can already see it starting to come to life, and when asked about where he drew his inspiration for this build from, Rob explains it was a fusion of different ideas.

“We tried to embrace a Queenslander look, but we didn’t like the Queenslander look,” jokes Rob. “So, we added a kind of Spanish, European chateau vibe to it.

“The whole bottom level, the masonry and the pitched roof, we’ve really embraced the Queenslander without having to make it look like one,” says Rob.

Rob is one of the founders of Graya Construction, which is a Brisbane based construction and development company that specialises in high end residential construction.

“We like to put a lot of effort into every build,” Rob says.

“We like to be considered unique and different and we don’t like repeating the same cookie cutter kind of stuff that a lot of people do, that doesn’t really interest us.

“So, it’s a bit of a headache whilst building, because there’s a lot more effort, but it’s definitely worth it,” he says.

Well, as Rob is very much in the ‘headache’ phase of building his own dream home, it’ll be interesting to see the finished product, and judging by Graya’s other impressive builds, Arcos will soon be a home of the utmost quality.

“You’ll have to definitely come back, and we’ll have a tour at the end!” Rob says.

Graya Construction

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