Five ways to save money on your pool

Nearly three million Aussies have a pool, and that number is only increasing. It’s the neighbours’ envy every summer, and the setting for many magical childhood memories. When it comes to pool ownership, it comes as no surprise that sun-loving Western Australia leads the way, with 18 per cent of households in Perth having a swimming pool. They are closely followed by regional Queensland, which sits just behind with 17 per cent of owners enjoying a pool (and unsurprisingly, chilly Tasmania comes last with just three per cent of its population owning a pool).

But just because the weather is cool doesn’t mean the operating costs of a pool magically disappear! It’s easy to forget you even have a pool during winter, but it can still be a costly addition to any home, and liable to drain a household budget if due diligence isn’t paid to keeping costs low. From heating and pumps to maintenance and beyond, there are a wealth of expenses to take into consideration, but also a number of cost-saving measures. If tightening your purse strings is on your mind, here are five tips from the team at Theralux to save money on your swimming pool this winter.

Invest in a variable speed pump

Unlike the inefficient single and two-speed pumps, variable speed pumps allow you to “adjust and set” the exact flow rate you need for your pool, allowing you to capitalise on the golden rule of pool circulation: slower is better. These beauties can save you hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill in comparison to the traditional single speed pool pump.

Pay attention to filtration times

Pool equipment used to be loud, meaning you had to run it during peak times to avoid upsetting your neighbours (and keeping yourself awake all night). Modern pool equipment now focuses on being quiet, so you can run your filtration and heating systems during off-peak times, and make the most of lower energy tariffs whilst being neighbourly.

Buy a secondary sanitiser

The rise of Quantum AOP water treatment in backyard swimming pools is taking Australia by storm. These devices slip into your existing setup, allowing you to reduce chlorine to tap water levels and clarify your pool water without the use of chemicals. This will save loads of money previously spent on chemicals and makes looking after your pool a breeze..

Look into automation

These days everything is app-controlled – including your pool! This technology often comes with the ability to see if something wrong with your pool so you can intervene before it gets expensive to fix.

Switch to mineral

Not only are mineral pools amazing to swim in and help keep your pool crystal clear, they also de-scale your equipment, making it last longer and keeping dollars in your pocket.

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