Facades to Fall in Love With

When it comes to the humble abode, it’s fair to say that first impressions count, and the façade of your home paves the way to both the style and features that lay therein.  Your façade can be used to showcase a range of colours and materials that give your home serious street appeal – celebrating your creativity, charm and character.

Damian Cruickshank, national designer at Henley Homes, shares his top tips on frontage faux pas and what makes a head-turning façade.

Single and double storey statement

Scale is an important factor in the façade design, so keep windows, porches and other features in scale with the width of the house to ensure that the overall look of the façade is balanced and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Damian says, “Look at limiting your choice in materials to around three; because the less is more approach will enable the finished product to have greater cohesion and enable the theme or style to be delivered with greater success.”

“Ensure that the key façade theme you decide on is clear. Be careful to not cross mix styles and elements, which can lead to an unattractive finish. Sometimes, what you leave out is just as important as what you leave in.

“The use of either wide porches and porticos or raised roofs on porticos can add much needed height and scale to single storey homes and can also inject a real stand out sense of style to the home front.”

Window size and the type of window style selected play an important part in the overall look of the property. Window sizes should be in scale with the width of the house.

“It’s important that all features of the façade – be it porch, windows, layout and materials – should all be complementary to each other, rather than one element overpowering the other.” Damian adds.

The beauty of balconies

Balconies are a great way to add height and scale to a façade.

“Balconies work best when located off an upstairs living space or master suite. If you’re interested in having a home that has a balcony, ensure the floor plan design allows for the best indoor/outdoor connection to the façade, which will help to maximise the use of your balcony.” Damian says.

Mistakes to avoid

A mistake to avoid is having the front porch not in scale with the overall width of the façade.

“Narrow porches on wide facades can look ill-considered and porch scale is key to providing a sense of address for the home.”

Trying to incorporate too many themes or ideas is also a common mistake.  “This can lead to a disordered look.  The less is more approach bodes well here!”

And finally…

Damian concludes, “When selecting a façade, be mindful that they may not be so desirable in 5 or 10 years’ time, so using the principles listed will help to ensure that you have a home that you’re happy with for years to come.”

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