Expert tips to elevate your home’s entry

 Expert tips to elevate your home’s entry

They say that first impressions count, and that’s never more true than when it comes to your home. While it can be tempting to focus your attention on the more dominant rooms of your property like the kitchen or living area, paying due diligence to your home’s entrance can have a huge impact on the overall vibe of your house.

Whether a compact and cosy porch, a pretty wraparound verandah or an expansive entrance hall, make sure your guests are greeted with a warm and welcoming ambience. From clearing up clutter to the clever use of mirrors to create space, we spoke to the experts at Plantation Homes for their take on how to elevate your entrance.

Place and purpose

Make sure your home doesn’t become a breeding ground for clutter by ensuring you have ample storage at the front door – and get in the habit of putting things away as soon as you get inside!

You don’t want to have your entrance turn into a dumping ground for junk mail and discarded shoes. Consider a side table with a bowl for your keys, or a row of hooks on the wall for your coats, umbrellas and hats.  Keeping the path clear and clutter-free will provide your home with a more appealing first impression.

Inject some style

Your all-important entrance doesn’t have to be lacking when it comes to style.  Statement lighting, an oversized potted plant in the corner, or a piece of striking artwork will make a chic addition to any house’s entrance. Even a colourful rug will do the trick if you want to add a touch of personal flair!

For homes that span more than one level, the entrance might also be the gateway to the upper floor.  Whether the stairs are carpeted, open timber, or a glass and steel feature, the foyer guides your eye upwards to what is in store on the first floor. Rugs can be especially useful here – a stylish runner can add a tasteful touch to what can otherwise be a purely functional space.

Create the illusion of space

If your entrance is on the cramped side, you might want to consider a mirror, which not only reflects natural light beautifully, but also helps to create the illusion of space. 

However, when it comes to mirror placement you might want to keep in mind the rules of Feng Shui. Avoid hanging a mirror in front of your entrance, as it’s believed to push good energy away, rather than welcoming it into the home.  Instead, place a mirror on a wall perpendicular to your door,

Mix up your lighting

The entrance to your home can set the tone for what lies therein, so if it’s not a space naturally blessed with light, a few easy changes can fix this. When choosing a foyer’s lighting, opt for light sources at a mix of heights and locations.  From a chandelier or ceiling pendant to a floor or table lamp, this space can be spruced up almost immediately with a few inexpensive investments.

And there you have it! Storage, lighting, and ornaments all help to create a more welcoming and tidy entryway, that is uniquely you. Most importantly, don’t feel overwhelmed by these options – at the end of the day, its the people inside that matter, not the house.

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