Everything you need to know about shutters

 Everything you need to know about shutters

Elegant, energy-efficient and easy-to-use: it’s fair to say that shutters are a stylish staple that work well in nearly every style of property. A classic window treatment that come with a wealth of benefits, they’re not only great for instilling your home with a bit of extra privacy, they too are durable and long-lasting, and can also increase the value of almost any home. If shutters are a home upgrade you’ve been considering for a while, here’s everything you need to know about this stylish window trimming.

They can be used all over the home

Shutters are a hugely versatile window treatment, and if designed correctly, they can complement almost any room. Commonly used in street-facing windows, they not only look great but also add a level of privacy and security that can protect a home from the outside world. Shutters are also a great choice when it comes to considering the safety and security of a home; and when combined with a blackout blind, it provides near full darkness, perfect for anyone who likes sleeping in total darkness.

They come in more than one material

Shutters can be made from a variety of hardwoods, plastic, polymers or MDF. Each have different properties so, depending on the environment, different materials are better suited, depending on factors including your budget and the appearance of your home. While MDF shutters may be slightly more easy-going on the finances, if you’re after something more durable, opt for hardwood.  

They can help reduce external noise

While best known for blocking out unwanted light, installing shutters has been proven to reduce the level of noise entering your property from outside, helping you to shut out any busy traffic or noisy neighbours that might disturb your morning.

Opt for neutral colours

While shutters can be a chic way of adding a pop of colour to either the interior or exterior of your home, there’s no denying that opting for a neutral colour is a safe and stylish bet. As most window frames tend to be painted white, try matching your shutters to the frame or opt for a natural wood shutters for a warmer feel.

They can reduce energy bills

If you choose to install shutters in your home, chances are that you’ll spend less time running your air conditioning and heating to keep your building at the right temperature. With a subsequent knock-on effect on your utility bills, this means that shutters are good for both your finances and the environment to boot.

They increase property value

An easy way to increase the value of any humble abode, shutters can be a key selling point for most homeowners and are certainly an alluring addition to a home for those looking to buy.

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