Everything You Need To Know About Scandinavian Interior Design

 Everything You Need To Know About Scandinavian Interior Design

Beautiful to its core, Scandinavian design serves one purpose – to improve our daily life, and it does it well. Space management, minimalism, clean lines and preserving the cosy feel of a home are the signature traits of Scandinavian design. If you love the idea of Scandi design but don’t know where to start, we spoke to Eva Bowker, home improvement coordinator at Fantastic Handyman Australia to find out everything you need to know about this home design trend.

The History Behind Scandinavian Interior Design

Spending a lot of time indoors is what made Scandinavian designers come with such different visions for the interior of a home. Long nights in the nordic countries made people stay home way more than we do down under. Because of that, Scandinavian designers have come up with some pretty creative yet simple ways to make your living space feel brighter and more spacious.

Before Scandinavian design came to the scene, Europe’s interior design mainly consisted of rich colours, dark wood floors, brick walls, and everything that reminds you of a palace. That’s okay if you live in spacious houses. In the Nordic countries, however, people’s homes are a fair bit smaller.

Contrary to the lavish European design inspired by aristocrats and the royal families homes at the time, Scandinavian design is… Lagom – meaning “just the right amount” in Scandinavian.

What Is Scandinavian Design All About?

Clean lines, beautifully shaped decorations, and natural materials are used to make you feel at one with nature. The easiest way one can describe Scandinavian design is minimalistic.

Making its grand reveal to the world in 1947, Scandinavian design has proved to be timeless over and over again. The heavy furniture and royal colours of the European interior design are interchanged with light appliances in neutral colours meant to make the room feel bright and airy.

Minimal since the beginning, the northern style is inspired by the lifestyle of Scandinavians. The goal is to create an illusion of open space while still giving off the warm and cosy feeling a home should have.

The Design

Minimalism and making a home feel bigger than it is are some of the key features of this style. However, where Scandinavian design stands out is its functionality. Everything serves more than one function. The mirrors that we look ourselves at are always strategically placed to make the room look bigger. That coffee table in front of the sofa can be hollow in the middle and give you space to store your books and magazines. Everything has its place and purpose.


In conclusion, we can safely say that Nordic people know their design well. It’s often hard to incorporate beautiful design with simplicity and functionality, but the Scandinavian designers have managed to do it with aplomb. Designing your home using Scandinavian interiors for inspiration is a worthwhile investment that will last long beyond one season. Because while it looks quite lavish, opting for this design can be a cost-effective way to style your home. Thanks to the natural materials, the minimal design, and the timeless demeanour, your house will ooze style and elegance for many years to come.

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