Considering a switch to eco-cleaning? Here are the brands you need to know about

 Considering a switch to eco-cleaning? Here are the brands you need to know about

For most of us, home cleaning is a chore rather than a choice, and something we’d rather spend as little time as possible doing. From scrubbing the bathroom sink to mopping the floor, it can be something of a drag. Subsequently, when shopping for cleaning supplies, it can be tempting to opt for the fluorescent 5-in-1 products that promise a quick fix, paying little – if any heed at all – to the cocktail of chemicals they’re usually made with. And as more of us gravitate towards an altogether more sustainable way of living – from eradicating the use of plastic bags to being diligent when it comes to having a keep-cup on hand for your morning caffeine fix, it’s important to pay attention to the cleaning products you’re used to using, and consider easy switches to more eco-friendly alternatives. From an Auckland-based family-run business, to a company whose ethos is rooted in avoiding the unsafe industrial chemicals that brands hide from consumers, here are four of the best eco-friendly brands that make green cleaning a breeze.

Koala Eco

Founded in 2017 by husband-and-wife team Jessica Bragdon and Paul Davidson, the Koala Eco team pride themselves on making affordable cleaning products rooted in the therapeutic properties that Australia’s native plants and beautiful botanics are known and loved for. Fusing a potent concentration of essential oils with 100 per cent recycled and recyclable materials, Koala Eco’s range of products contain no dyes, no masking agents, no phosphates and are both vegan and palm oil-free. With an affective formula that safely removes germs and bacteria, and a portion of profit donated to One Percent for the Planet, Koala Eco is as good for the environment as it is for your home.


With a vision to make environmentally friendly cleaning products available to all, Tracey Bailey founded Biome after visiting endangered orangutangs in Indonesia almost two decades ago, and was further fuelled in her mission after losing her mother to a terminal brain tumour. Determined to avoid the unsafe industrial chemicals that brands hide from us, Biome’s range of eco cleaning products are concentrated, cost-effective and do exactly what they say on the label! From their popular soapberries – which can be used in the laundry, to wash dishes or used to create a natural all-purpose spray – to their natural bristle cleaning brushes, their collection of household cleaning accessories is a great place to start your eco-cleaning journey.


Launched almost three decades ago on New Zealand’s Northland coast, Ecostore is one of the longest standing environmentally friendly cleaning brands around. Passionate about creating products inspired by the land they call home, this family-run business manufactures its products at its own carboNZero certified factory in Auckland. The range of products includes everything from cleaning to laundry and baby-care, and while hardworking and thorough, there’s no compromise when it comes to the environmentally friendly nature of the offering. With an impressive back story that sees Ecostore not only endorsed by PETA but also winning two Green Ribbon Awards for sustainable business leadership, there’s little doubt it’s one of the best green cleaning brands on the market.


Passionate about using more plants and less plastic when it comes to cleaning your home, Australian-based Resparkle is making waves in the eco-friendly cleaning space thanks to its glass and silicone reusable bottles, designed to eradicate the use of plastic around the home. Using a unique combination of reusable bottles and sachets with which to fill them (and devised to last for life), Resparkle is passionate about its commitment to sustainability.  The brainchild of Pearl Chan – who used her specialist perfumery experience to ensure that all products smell as good as they clean – as well as providing employment for people living with disabilities, Resparkle’s waste- and toxic-free products are a great way to dial down your use of plastic around the home.

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