Can your home’s colour scheme affect your mood?

While Feng Shui is an interior design method widely known for its ability to enhance and affect our mood, did you know that a home’s colour scheme can also have an impact on our daily disposition?

When choosing the hues you want in your home, it’s important to bear in mind the influence they can have on our emotions. While warm and bright tones can create a homely ambience, too many bold colours can be somewhat overbearing and have the adverse effect, making you feel more tired than rested.

If you want your home to be a place where you can relax and escape the fast-paced goings on around you, try opting for earthy tones and a neutral colour palette. We spoke to Eva Bowker, interiors expert at Fantastic Handyman, for her tips and tricks on how to make your home colour scheme work for you.

Should you have a predominant colour? 

A common question people have is whether it’s a good idea to have one predominant colour throughout the entire home, or different colours depending on the room?

This really is a question of choice depending on the individual’s personal preference. Some more conservative people choose to paint the entire house in one colour, while more creative types choose different colours for each room, and they might even choose to paint murals on their walls or opt for patterned wallpapers.

From an interior designer’s point of view, it’s good to have common areas painted in a nice, neutral colour, and leave all the creativity for the bedrooms, where everyone can choose their own style. Of course, you should bear in mind that vibrant colours can sometimes make it more difficult to sleep at night.

Any colours you shouldn’t use?

There really is no such things as good and bad colours to use around a home, but there are instances in which certain colours just don’t work with certain surfaces and should be avoided where possible. For instance, black is usually not a great colour for walls, simply because it makes the room look smaller and doesn’t allow much light inside, which can lead to headaches, fatigue and even depression.

Red can also have a similar effect; when it dominates a room, it can cause feelings of restlessness and nervousness. However, both colours are perfectly fine to use on furniture or smaller details because they bring a great contrast to light walls and floors.

The symbolism of colours

So, what does each colour symbolise and how can it affect your mood? Let’s go through the main ones: 


Red is thought to be the most powerful and bold colour on earth. It’s a colour of extremes, and its meaning can vary from strong sensations of love, passion and desire to burning hatred, anger and violence. Being a signal for danger, red is a perfect choice for making a strong statement in the interior of your home. It can also increase the appetite of a person, which is why it’s so common for kitchens to have a red accent, such as a feature cabinet or table. 


Yellow is often related to happiness. Being the colour of the sun, it’s a symbol for freshness, clarity and energy. It can be used around the home to create a warm and welcoming ambience, and is frequently found in both bedrooms and the kitchen.


Blue can sometimes be seen as a symbol for sadness, but it’s also a colour strongly connected to nature, because of its association with both the sea and the sky,f which are known for their serenity and tranquillity. Commonly found in bathrooms, the various blue hues you can use – from azure to turquoise and beyond – bring about feelings of relaxation and pleasure.


Green is a peaceful colour that can incite feelings of calmness and joy. Signifying the stunning beauty of nature, green is often the first colour choice when it comes to adding a touch of the outside to your interior.

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