Benefits of Living in a Queenslander

 Benefits of Living in a Queenslander

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If you’re still on the fence after reading about the problems commonly associated with these homes, now’s the time to talk about what makes these houses shine.
So here are our thoughts on the benefits of living in a Queenslander.

Renovators dream

One of the biggest bonuses for Queenslander living is in the making. They are much easier and cheaper to maintain, update and repair than their brick counterparts.
It does take a little more effort, but it pays off.
The under-house area of traditional Queenslanders can also be enclosed to provide extra living areas or storage space to these houses.


Queenslanders are made with the tropical sun-soaked climate in mind.
The windows and the wrap-around verandahs, standard on most, were designed to catch the breeze.
Timber cools quite quickly in the sun, unlike bricks.
Anybody who’s ever been inside a concrete home during summer will agree they’ve stepped into a sweatbox.


The earth continually moves beneath every property depending on the seasons and climate. Queenslanders are much better art withstanding the shifting grounds beneath. When the sunshine state goes through an extended period of drought, the soil dries, which can cause cracks to appear in brick houses. This doesn’t happen in a Queenslander, which is a huge benefit.

On the move

If you’ve purchased a new lot in some faraway land, having a Queensland home means you don’t have to say goodbye to those four walls. You can lift it and move it to that new location. The costs involved are surprisingly lower than you’d expect.


If you are looking for a relaxed and breezy home, with all the character you could want, A Queenslander could be the perfect home for you. Granted, owning one of these iconic homes does come at a cost. But, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, the reward pays off.

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