Agent of the Week: Mergim Ibrahimi

This week’s Agent of the Week is McGrath’s Mergim Ibrahimi, who is a Geelong based real estate agent that has been absolutely flying in recent months.

Despite Melbourne’s sustained lockdowns, Geelong’s market has stayed strong, and with buyers from the big smoke once again entering the fold, Mergim has seen his business go from strength to strength.

“It has been absolutely flat out!” he says.

“It felt like the world was going to end at one point, and that the zombie apocalypse was going to start in April time.”

“But since mid-May, it has been manic, Melbourne buyers have been purchasing sight unseen now that they have access to us again, it has picked up even further.”

Who’s the successful dude?

However, Mergim wasn’t always destined for a career in real estate like other high performing agents, instead, it was a brief holiday encounter that kickstarted his career in selling property.

“Real estate wasn’t something that I had always thought about,” says Mergim.

“I met somebody when I was on holiday in Queensland, someone who looked like a really successful dude, and I asked him, ‘What do you do for a living?’ And he told me that he was a real estate agent.

“It got me thinking, I can talk and I can sell, so maybe that’s a career path for me.

“That was 15 years ago and I haven’t looked back really.”

Growing up in a modest Geelong neighbourhood and with a background in sales and marketing, Mergim discovered he had a knack for selling premium property.

“My father is a concrete finisher, so it’s not like I had a network in the industry or anything.

“I spent a few years really working hard and building a brand and I found myself in a position where I was finding it easier selling the more expensive homes.”

Mergim Ibrahimi
Mergim has made a name for himself by selling luxury homes in Geelong

Staying at the Top of Your Game

Like all of us, Mergim drew inspiration from external factors and referenced his love for running as one of the contributors to his success as well as key industry leaders.

“I have done a lot of training, probably too much actually, so my advice would be, keep it simple and stay focused on what is important,” says Mergim.

“I listened to some of Steve Jobs talks about business growth and I learnt from influential real estate agents like Mat Steinwede, he keeps it very real.

“I like to try and stay in peak fitness so I do a lot of running, and it translates to my working life too.

“In the mornings I’m up at 5 am and at the track every day, sprints, plyometric work, weights, its just an amazing way to start the day.

“It has taught me how important it is to be focused on a goal or a vision and just the feeling it gives when you’re chasing it on a daily basis.

“Whether or not I reach that goal I have set myself in sprinting is somewhat irrelevant, it is about the process, and it is the same in real estate.”

Mergim Ibrahimi
Mergim’s passion for fitness has taught him the importance of goal setting

Family Time

Mergim values being able to find a healthy work-life balance and gets joy from the successes of new endeavours he takes on.

“I’m married with two girls who keep me fairly occupied,” he says

“I’m more about working smart than working hard, the more time I get to myself and to spend with my family the better!

“Sure, it’s important to earn good money but I’m not ever trying to chase it.

“For me, how much money you make is just like keeping score, it doesn’t really interest me that much, what interests me is an idea or something we test and see if it has a return.

“If a new marketing strategy or restructuring of the team has a positive impact, that really excites me.

Mergim values working smarter so he can spend as much time as possible with his family

Are you a high performing agent who is killing it at the moment? Or perhaps you know someone who deserves a bit of credit for their hard work? If so, then get in touch with us on Instagram @OzHomeNews.

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