Agent of the Week: Jesse Willcox

Introducing Jesse Willcox of Willcox Estate Agents who is this week’s OzHomeNews Agent of the Week.

The high-flying Broadbeach agent has recently partnered up with the Animal Welfare League of Queensland to help homeless pets find a new owner.

We caught up with the leading real estate agent and animal lover to learn more about the heart-warming project and his pathway into the industry.

Tell us about your story and how you started out in real estate 

“I was studying to become a journalist but whilst I was travelling overseas, I met a lot of real estate agents.

“I was in Canada and I met some agents from California and they got me excited about going into real estate when I returned home.

“My cousin worked in the industry at the time so it was quite an easy transition for me, so I stopped my studies and went for it in real estate.”

What did you really want to be when you were growing up? 

“I did an internship to become a vet in year 12 and that was always my intention and dream.

“But when I did my work experience in the veterinary clinic it was heart-breaking, it wasn’t what I imagined.

“There was a lot more sadness involved than I had anticipated so I just couldn’t’ do it.”

Tell us about your partnership with the Animal Welfare League of Queensland  

“We’ve partnered up with Animal Welfare League and what they do is they bring a homeless animal along to any of our applicable new properties with the intention that we can find them a new home.

“What better way to help rehome an animal than by introducing them to someone who is moving interstate or starting a new life here on the Gold Coast.

“Literally from our first time doing it, somebody reached out before our property even went live and has fostered a dog called Buster.

“It’s so nice and rewarding to do and it is something different to what you usually see in real estate.”

What’s your favourite thing about working in this industry? 

“I love pitching for business, it is something that for me is by far the most exciting part.

“Going up against other reputable agents is to me, where we perfect our craft and for me is the most exciting part of any day.

“Having the chance to pitch ourselves against competing agents is something we love doing at Willcox Estate Agents.

“And open homes too, they are really fun. At the moment we are meeting hundreds of people every weekend and it’s a good experience dealing with people.”

And your least favourite? 

“I’ve got an amazing team around me so I’m really lucky that I don’t spend time doing the things that I don’t like doing.

“Of course, we have uncomfortable conversations almost every day but that comes with the business and it’s what you have got to do.”

What advice would you give to agents starting out? 

“Somebody once gave me the advice ‘start where you want to finish’.

“If you really want to do something then find your area and your passion and pursue it.

“I always say to everyone that being on the phone was by far the most important thing, if you can outwork your competition, then your success should reflect that.”

Where would you like to think you’ll be in 10 years’ time?


“I go to the Northern Rivers area near Byron Bay at every chance I get so in 10 years’ time I’d love to have a holiday home there and spend more time there than in open homes despite how much I like open homes!”

What do you get up to in your downtime? 

“I love CrossFit and I have been doing that almost every day, we have a really cool group of guys that we train with and that is such a release, I couldn’t recommend it more highly.

“Even from a social perspective, it’s so much fun and it keeps you mentally sound too.

“Reading is also a massive thing for me.

“Typically for real estate agents we don’t have the luxury of having a university degree so I always suggest to people to pick up a book and read about things you don’t know about.

“And it really becomes effective in the lounge room when you are trying to pitch for business, if you can find mutual ground and discuss things that your competition may not be able to discuss.

“You can never be overdressed or overeducated!”

Are you a high performing agent who is killing it at the moment? Or perhaps you know someone who deserves a bit of credit for their hard work? If so, then get in touch with us on Instagram @OzHomeNews.

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