Agent of the Week: Chris Kavadis

 Agent of the Week: Chris Kavadis

Born and raised in Melbourne but with strong ties to Greece, RT Edgar agent Chris Kavadis has made quite the name for himself as an off-market maestro in the suburb of Balwyn North – east of the city’s centre.

We caught up with the sports fan and family man for the latest episode in our Agent of the Week series to find out how he found his feet in the industry and what he has learnt along the way.

Chris is one of the top agents in the Melbourne suburb of Balwyn North

Second time lucky

Chris admits that he was guilty of changing jobs too often and after heeding others advice to give real estate a shot, he took the plunge, though it wasn’t until the second time around that he made things stick.

“I was a bit of a job gypsy, I used to jump from job to job and I was never really happy. It would get to Sunday night and I would dread going back to work,” he says.

“People had suggested to me quite often that I should get into real estate, I don’t know why, maybe because I talk too much!” Chris jokes.

“I made an attempt when I was about 28 years old and it didn’t work out that time around and then I got to the age of 39 when I was working in litigation and I knew that I didn’t want to be in the corporate world anymore and I want to make some good money!

“So, I bit the bullet and went for it again. I got a job in Oakley which was great for me because there is a big Greek community there, but it turned out to be a bit of a disaster and it was going nowhere.”

Chris now lives in Mont Albert North which neighbours Balwyn North – where he was born and bred – so naturally, as he knew the area inside out, was always keen to get a job there.

“I had always wanted to work in the area where I grew up which is Balwyn and Balwyn North because I knew a lot of people there and already had a bit of a network built up there,” he explains.

“One day my father-in-law was selling his house in Balwyn with an agency called Noel Jones and he got talking to one of the agents and I got a job with them and it just took off.”

“I was at Noel Jones for about three years where I learnt a lot, then in May 2018 I joined RT Edgar and since I joined the RT Edgar team my business has just boomed!”

Chris’ first photo in real estate back in 2015

Finding your niche

Chris has had great success by working with developers and tying up some hefty off-market deals throughout his career including top end properties as well as luxury development sites.

“I think it is important for every real estate agent to find their niche in the market and mine was the developer’s market,” Chris says.

“The off-market space has been a really good thing for me and selling properties but you need to have a mix because you need that exposure.

“So, breaking into the top end market in Balwyn is probably my best achievement, people laughed at me when I said I was going to do it but I was determined and here I am!

“I sold 2 Maughan Parade in 2018 which I am really proud of as that was also probably one of my best achievements. That was a great off market sale for a big price and it set an off-market record for Balwyn North at the time.

Chris referenced a few key influences who have helped him get to where he is today as one of Balwyn North’s leading agents.

“My first boss at Noel Jones was called Joe Butler, I am still very good friends with him and I’d say he has been the closest thing to a mentor for me, he helped me a lot,” says Chris.

“There was also a guy called Glen Coutinho who was a director at RT Edgar and I had always seen him in action on Facebook and so on. He was an amazing real estate identity, and I had to take the chance to go and work with him and the RT Edgar brand.”

The sale of 2 Maughan Parade held the off market record for Balwyn North

Greek heritage

Chris’ mother was born in Greece and the RT Edgar agent is immensely proud of his Greek background, so much so that he often subtly slips into conversation… So what does Chris get up to when he’s not selling luxury homes?

“My kids are my passion, I have two young sons so pretty much everything goes through them,” says Chris.

“I am a massive gym addict and I love the AFL and pretty much all sports to be honest. All I watch on TV is sport, sport, sport! No movies or anything like that. My Dad used to run a TAB as well so I like to have a punt every now and again too.

“I am very passionate about my Greek background, I got married in Greece, I am very proud to be Greek and I am proud to tell people that I am Greek, I love the place!” laughs Chris.

Chris and his two boys

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