Agent of the Week: Adrian Bo

 Agent of the Week: Adrian Bo

This week’s Agent of the Week is one of Sydney’s leading agents, Adrian Bo, of NGFarah.

Adrian has carved out an impressive career in real estate, amassing over $3.7 billion in sales during his 30 years spent in the industry, and has more recently become a leading real estate coach and speaker.

Starting Out

After growing up in Maroubra and starting out in real estate 31 years ago, Adrian has seen his career go from strength to strength, but like so many agents, it wasn’t his initial plan to enter into the industry.

“I left school in 1988 and had a dream of working at the stock exchange,” says Adrian.

“I got at a job at a high-profile firm for six months and then the stock market crashed.”

“My brother was working in real estate at the time so I thought I’d give it a try and started out as a leasing clerk and worked my way up.”

Adrian went on to specialise in commercial real estate in his early 20’s, and became one of Sydney’s most dominant commercial agents before moving into residential in the late 90’s.

“I spent 25 years at McGrath and whilst I was there, I was Number One agent twice and in the top five for 15 years,” explains Adrian.

Adrian Bo
Adrian has achieved over $3.7 billion in real estate sales

 Coach Bo

Having amassed extensive experience during his career, Adrian developed a knack for public speaking and has since launched his own coaching business.

“For the last 25 years I have been an auctioneer, so naturally I have developed a niche for public speaking and coaching clients,” Adrian says.

“So, I launched by coaching and training business in 2014 but I have been doing it unofficially for about 15 years really.

“I am now a national real estate coach, trainer and business advisor for a lot of agents around the country.”

When asked to flip it around and look at the people who have acted as a coach or an inspiration to himself, Adrian mentioned several leading individuals.

“I’d say three people have inspired me,” says Adrian.

“Michael Jordan because of his tenacity, determination and humility, Dr Fred Grosse, who was a business coach 20 odd years ago, and also John McGrath who still remains one of my closest friends today, he was integral to my mentorship.”

Adrian Bo
Adrain has become one of Australia’s leading real estate coaches


When looking at how the pandemic has shaped the industry and impacted the Sydney born agent, Adrian pointed out that, in the past, the Eastern Suburbs market has proven strong enough to survive major crisis’.

“From being in the industry as long as I have, I’ve seen similar things happen, the early 90’s recession, 9/11, the GVC, I’ve seen it before,” says Adrian.

“The Eastern Suburbs market where I work is incredibly resilient.

“I always had the foresight to know that the market would always bounce back.

“If anything, housing values, because of the land sizes and people spending more time entertaining at home, have gone up.

“And from a coaching perspective, a lot of agents weren’t prepared and the pandemic just exposed that.

“A lot of agents were calling me asking, ‘What do I do?!’

“So, it was good in a way for some agents to almost draw a line in the sand and reset.”

Adrian went on to explain that as long the key principles of the industry are adhered to, agents have no reason to struggle whatever crisis the world may throw up.

“Real estate isn’t an industry that should rely on whether prices are high or low, it is a transaction and a customer service business.

“So as long as you maintain your transactions, then it should be indiscriminate of interest rates, of pandemics, US elections, whatever it may be.”

Adrian Bo
Adrian has sold houses for some big-name Australian celebrities

Big Sales

Having helped some of Sydney’s rich and famous secure their dream homes, Adrian has quite the phone book, with standout sales even including the current prime minister a few years back.

“I’ve sold heaps of homes to celebrities,” says Adrian.

“I sold for the Scott and Jenny Morrison when he first left Sydney to get into Canberra.

“I’ve sold for Jennifer Hawkins on multiple occasions, I’ve sold for David Warner and Richard Roxburgh.”

Down Time

And from selling some of Sydney’s finest homes for so much of his career, Adrian now lives in Vaucluse himself. He enjoys spending time with his wife and his dogs and likes getting out on the water as much as possible – when he’s not busy selling houses of course!

“I’m married with no kids so I have quite a lot of spare time on my hands!” says Adrian.

“That means I’ve got enough time to focus on running both my businesses.

“But if I’m not busy working I do love the harbour and I have boat and I like to get out on the harbour and just enjoy the serenity of it – it’s a beautiful harbour.

“I’m fortunate enough to be a member of the Royal Motor Yacht Club in Point Piper where I have a marina berth so I’m able to just enjoy the harbour.”

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