9 Ways To Update Your Bathroom On A Budget

 9 Ways To Update Your Bathroom On A Budget

If you’re dreaming of starting bathroom renovations and finally creating the bathroom you’ve always wanted, there really is no time like the present. And while house renovations can be costly, if you don’t have an unlimited budget for your new bathroom, there are a plethora of ways in which you can refresh your bathroom without having to completely gut it and start with a blank canvas.

From systemising your storage to upping your lighting game, we spoke to Dean Williams – owner of Perth-Fection Plumbing in Perth – to find out his favourite ways to update your bathroom on a budget.

Replace Dated Tapware & Rails

One of the easiest ways to give your bathroom an instant refresh is by changing your tapware and towel rails. These can look tired and dated within a few years and changing them to more modern styles or bold materials can transform the entire feel of your bathroom.

Organise Your Storage

Tired of having stuff cluttering up your bathroom? Get your storage sorted! Sometimes something as simple as a good tidy up can make your bathroom feel new again. Invest in some stylish storage tubs for your cupboards or countertop and keep everything neatly sorted and stored. Apply this to everything from toothbrushes and toiletries to towels and toilet paper. You’d be surprised how satisfying it is to have a room that’s organised just the way you like it.

Change Your Shower Glass

Nothing screams last century in your bathroom more than a frosted glass shower screen. Changing your shower screen to a clear one will make your bathroom feel larger and more modern in one fell swoop. If you have a shower curtain as well, changing this to a new one can also refresh your bathroom instantly.

Add Modern Lighting

Lighting is something that’s often overlooked when it comes to updating your bathroom. Depending on the size of your bathroom you could anything from downlights to pendant lamps or even chandelier style light fittings for that grander feel. Want to be able to create some mood lighting? Add a dimmer switch so you can turn down the lighting and enjoy a more relaxing atmosphere. Or if you want to read while you’re having a soak, add a wall-mounted reading lamp to use when you just want to chill out in the bath.

Regrout Your Tiles

You won’t believe what a difference new grouting can make to an old bathroom. Grout can get old and tired over the years and no matter how much you try to keep it clean and fresh, it just dates your bathroom. Consider white grout to lift your bathroom to a fresher feel, or a darker grout can give your bathroom an edgy feel – definitely see what will work best with your existing tiles. Painting your tiles is also an affordable way to update your bathroom without the mess that comes along with replacing old tiles with new ones. You can get paint just for tiles and give them a spray to quickly update your bathroom on a budget.

Add A Lick Of Paint

Changing the colour of your bathroom is super simple and easy – you can even DIY this one if you want to keep costs down. Choose tones to match your style – you could go for neutral shades or bold colours – the world is your oyster (or at least the Pantone colour range anyway!).

Use Wallpaper

Don’t want to paint your bathroom? What about creating a feature wall using wallpaper? Instead of just going for a new colour, you could choose a patterned wallpaper, or wallpaper that’s one large image. Wallpaper is a great way to create a statement in a room and bathrooms are no different. Just make sure the wallpaper you choose is suitable for wet rooms, as you don’t want it to start peeling off within weeks of your bathroom renovation.

Get A New Mirror

Maximise your natural lighting in the bathroom by choosing mirrors that help to reflect any sunlight you may get in the bathroom. The bigger the mirror the bigger your bathroom will feel so for smaller bathrooms try to use the biggest mirror that works in your space.


One of the simplest ways to update your bathroom when you’re on a budget is through the clever use of accessories. Most bathrooms have necessities like floor mats, towels, window dressings, and toothbrush holders. Instead of just picking any old colour for these items, try to match them and create a theme by tying together all your bathroom accessories.

And so, while you can certainly create a spectacular bathroom by renovating it completely, sometimes those seemingly small changes can add up to make a big difference.

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