Walkthrough – $6,650,000 L.A. Mansion in Brisbane

Today, OzHomeNews is showing you around an incredible Hamilton home, where state-of-the-art design and breathtaking views merge together to create the most glorious of homes.

The mastermind behind this stunning residence, at 38 Eldernell Terrace, is developer Brayden Larkin of Zephyr Industries, and we are lucky enough to have him guide us through his unique masterpiece – so tag along guys! 

Due to the steep and challenging 668 sqm site, the house is ‘flown out from the ground to captivate the views from every level’ and let us tell you – it works like magic!

Brayden works closely with architect Salvador Farrajota of The Artificial, and together they have created this astonishing home, perfect for family-oriented open-plan living, spiced with the relaxing Palm Springs vibe.

The outside entertainment area is something you have to see for yourself with a firepit surrounded by the pool. 

And not just any pool – this one is floating 5.5 metres in the air, boasting jaw-dropping views of the Brisbane city skyline. And that’s not all – when the sun sets, the real magic happens: check out the video to see the ‘Rolls-Royce of Pools’!

“Everything we do here at Zephyr is super custom, super bespoke, we never do the same thing twice. I just want that wow factor, that’s all I go for,” explains Brayden. 

And wow factor is definitely the correct term to define the intriguing design features of this home – check out the video to see the splendid staircase, lavish limestone wall and the brilliant bar setting upstairs, amongst others! 

And the master suite is a whole different story, with a minibar/coffee station, full spa and even a TV on the ceiling! And everything in this smart home can be controlled from your phone, how easy!

Brayden Larkin
Zephyr Industries

Salvador Farrajota
The Artificial

Ray White – New Farm

Patrick Goldsworthy

Matt Lancashire