5 ways to prep your pad for a virtual date

Thanks to the effect of the pandemic, even the way we interact has changed. Zoom meetings and video calls replaced face-to-face communication, so our living rooms suddenly took centre stage for important work catchups, family quizzes and, in some cases, even daunting first dates…

So, how do you prepare for a virtual date? How can you present your home in such a way that it sets the right mood and gives a good impression?

OzHomeNews spoke to Zach Schleien, founder of the video speed dating app Filter Off, for his top five tips on how to give your home a romantic vibe.

“As the year comes to a close, we’ve reflected on what dating will look like in 2021,” Zach explains. “Clearly, in-person dating is still not an option for many. but that doesn’t mean you should shut off your dating life completely.

“With virtual dating, you want to present your home in a manner that gives off a romantic vibe and hopefully lands you the bae you’ve been looking for.”

1. Light it right

Lighting is key. Be sure that whatever light or lamp you choose, it gives off a nice level of lighting. You don’t want it to be so bright that your date needs to wear sunglasses, but at the same time don’t sit in the dark.

“On your virtual date, make sure to have proper lighting,” Zach says.

“Set the mood. Dim the lights. Create the vibe you’d want to be in as if you were meeting in-person.”

2. Take a sip

It’s maybe not the best idea to start shaking up the most flamboyant and exotic cocktails on a virtual date (not least because you might break your date’s airpods) but a drink or two in the comfort of your own home makes for a chilled environment.

Pour yourself a drink and get comfy

“Just because it’s a virtual date doesn’t mean you can’t drink!” Zach says.

“Pour yourself a glass of wine or your favorite scotch. Keep it fun and light.

“Virtual dating may be new for many singles, but at least have fun with it! Of course, don’t get too sloppy. Know your limits and only drink enough to loosen up,” says Zach.

3. Keep it clean

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but that doesn’t mean your virtual date wants to see last night’s takeaway boxes in the corner of your video.

“Presentation is everything,” Zach explains. “Tidy up the room where you’ll be having your date – make sure there’s no dirty laundry sitting on the floor that’s visible. Clean up beforehand.

“You don’t want to come off as a slob!”

Mess and clutter is a no no

4. Background

It’s important to pick a space in your home where there isn’t too much going on so your date can focus on you and not that loud painting behind your head! It’s also a good idea to tell anyone that you live with to keep it down during your date – you don’t want a special guest appearance from a vacuum ruining the vibe.

“You’ve been on enough Zoom meetings to know what a distracting background is by now,” Zach points out. “Make sure you’re not behind a window (especially if it’s bright outside). Pick a solid colour as your backdrop versus a busy wall.”

5. Angles

Following on from having a nice background, make sure you choose a spot in your home where you can prop your laptop or phone in a good position.

“This may seem like an obvious one by now, yet so many people still fall prey. Angles are everything.

“If you’re taking your virtual date from your phone, make sure it’s not too close up. Prop your phone up on a book or something sturdy, if you’d prefer not to hold it.

“And give yourself enough headroom (the space between the top of your head and the frame within the shot).”

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