5 Tips for Turning Your Bedroom Into a Boho-Chic Paradise

 5 Tips for Turning Your Bedroom Into a Boho-Chic Paradise

Photo: @marzena.marideko

If you’ve ever opened Instagram or Pinterest in your life, you will have inevitably seen more than one of those dreamy, bohemian bedrooms, that look so cosy that you just want to jump in straight away. 

It always looks like everything has just effortlessly been thrown in and mixed together, whilst looking picture-perfect and unbelievably inviting at the same time. The question is, how on earth do they do that? 

All so different yet all so perfectly matching. Photo: @anotherlovely_

Let’s start with the basics

The number one thing in boho style is to express yourself. A well-kept secret that many are unaware of, is that there are no rules – in fact, this is probably the most rule-less decorating style you will ever find! 

It is near impossible to believe that the flawless look is created without any guidelines, and arguably, there are several sub categories that fall under the term ‘boho’. Defining them, however, proves to be a bit tricky due to the aforementioned ‘no rules’ policy. 

Spice up your boho look with a generous amount of colour! Photo: @furbelowshop

Something that might be slightly easier to categorise, are the influences from different countries and cultures. 

A colourful, Moroccan bazaar look with plants and floor cushions, mixes items and colours boldly together, whereas the eclectic European approach with lace, beads and neutral colours falls closer to the ‘chic’ end of the spectrum. 

As many styles as there are creators, it is fundamentally impossible to fail in the attempt to go boho, but the first step is always the hardest. To make it all a bit easier we put together some simple tips and tricks on how to go for that cosy, earthy and incredibly desirable boho style.

1. You Do You

This style is all about creating and expressing yourself. Photo: @stylesteffi

This is actually the most important (and essentially the only) tip you need – as well as the very best part! Finally, a design style where you can actually forget about matching things with each other – if you like it, it fits the style!

Favourite hat? Put it on display! Souvenir from that summer in Europe? Hang it on the wall! An old guitar you decided to start playing years ago but never quite got there? Use it for the decor, baby! 

2. Patterns and Colours

The rug and cushions can match perfectly even without sharing the pattern! Photo: @tatjanas_world_

Mix and match are the magic words here, be fearless with different patterns and colours. If it all seems like a bit much, start with an easy one – maybe a nice new rug? Or some cosy cushions and a throw? It is perfectly fine to go step by step! 

3. Materials and Textures

Now here’s some serious talent in mixing materials and textures! Photo: @vanillapalmdesigns

In addition to various patterned fabrics, think of other materials and textures to complete the look. Leather, timber and sisal really mix it up and bring the well-travelled vibe to the table (or in this case, bedroom).

4. Old and New

Give your mattress a lift by making your very own pallet bed – Stella approves! Photo: @brittanyshmyr

How about mixing your favourite vintage finds with all the modern-day amenities? Convenient, yet oh-so-pretty. 

DIY projects are also more than welcome – instead of mixing old and new, just MAKE the old new again!

5. Lush and Green

Go big or go home – this is the amount of green we love to see! Photo: @my_tiny_jungalow

It wouldn’t be the earthy, natural look without the little (or large) leafy friends! Plants can make a world of difference with the ambience of a bedroom, so it’s time to go green!

If you’re not exactly a horticulturist, start with succulents or monsteras, or if you are literally hopeless at watering your seedling baby, make it easier for yourself and just get a cactus! 

Here are some ideas to start brainstorming with, what are your favourite picks for the bohemian style? 


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