$40m Melbourne Estate, One of Australia’s Finest Properties For Sale

 $40m Melbourne Estate, One of Australia’s Finest Properties For Sale

“There is nowhere else quite like it, this is one of the most important properties in Australia without question.”

The words of one of Melbourne’s leading high-end real estate agents – Michael Keating, when describing this iconic property on the Mornington Peninsula.

Introducing Morning Star, the crème de la crème of Australia’s luxury real estate market, now on the market for $40 million.

This wonderfully romantic estate, in Mount Eliza, is dripping in history and charm. From the sweeping Franciscan vineyards, to the countless idyllic lookouts over Port Phillip Bay, this property will have you falling in love before you know it.

I’ve been selling the absolute best of Australian real estate for the best part of 30 years, and Morning Star is by a long way one of the finest property’s Australia has, and has ever had, there is nowhere like it, period,” says Mr Keating.

The home was built in 1865, when a selection of Melbourne’s wealthiest families went about creating summer palaces close to the city, with many being split into smaller lots, Morning Star is the last man standing.

For the owner who built Morning Star back in the 1800s, money was no object. His surname was Gillette, and this property literally was the best a man could get at the time.

Michael Keating, Michael Keating International

The 156-acre property has more recently become incredibly popular as an exclusive wedding destination as well as holding concerts and more, with its proximity to Melbourne making Morning Star an extremely attractive proposition.

“It’s had INXS concerts there, it’s had Jimmy Barnes concerts there, it’s an enormous property with an amphitheatre section to it,” says Mr Keating.

As well as the main five-bedroom mansion, the estate includes a 20-room hotel, a restaurant, and wedding, function and conference facilities, not forgetting the perfect way to make an entrance.

“One of the great things about it is it has a working, operating heliport, which is perfect for anybody who wants to fly in.”

The opportunity and potential that this landmark property holds is truly unrivalled, and it cannot be emphasized enough just how special this piece of Australian history really is.

Whoever buys this property, if they spend 10% of what they buy it for, they will have, in my view, Australia’s first $100 million property.

Michael Keating, Michael Keating International

Current owner Judy Barrett has relisted the property after it almost sold three years ago to a Chinese developer for $36.2 million.

The $40 million price tag means, unsurprisingly, that only a select few have the means to afford such a brilliant home, with interest being stirred up all across the globe.

“At the moment we have interest from overseas, we have interest from within Australia and also from Australian expats in New York, California and London,” explains Mr Keating.

“It’s a great house with fabulous gardens and wonderful vineyards, but what you are actually buying is 156 acres of beachfront real estate, less than an hour from Melbourne looking dead at it on the Mornington Peninsula,” says Mr Keating.

Michael Keating
Michael Keating International