+$4,000,000 Of Luxury Living

Imagine a luxurious home complete with every feature you could ever dream of, with every detail carefully considered, and perfect for any type of buyer – this is a property that does not come along often. 

Anna of OzHomeNews was shown around this contemporary masterpiece, at 118 Hawken Drive, by the owner of the residence, Emil Juresic. 

Jump on a tour with Anna and Emil through this incredibly luxurious St Lucia home – and get ready to be blown away!

“Being in real estate and property development for many years, we have seen so many homes, and every time I saw somebody else’s house, I always felt something was missing,” explains Emil. 

So, after all the lessons learnt, Emil and his team decided to create a home that wasn’t missing a thing. Check the video to hear how they were able to achieve it and what were the hardest obstacles on the journey towards THE perfect home! 

This 658 sqm smart home features five bedrooms, five bathrooms and open-plan living zones beyond compare.

Whether you are the life of the party who loves entertaining, or you have a big family that is all about the space and the layout, this house won’t let you down.

From a soundproof living area, specifically planned for kids, to the office that has its own entrance and bathroom, everything is meticulously thought through and designed to suit a variety of buyers. 

The incredible cinema room is something you have to see for yourself – check out the video to see how the high-quality soundproof movie theatre creates a cosy atmosphere to make you feel straight at home!

And amongst the best features, without a doubt, are the incredible temperature-controlled wine cellars. You heard it – cellars. With one cellar capable of holding approximately 500 bottles, and the other one just under 300, there’s no lack of vino in this household! 

The living/dining/kitchen area is completely surrounded by huge, sliding glass doors to ensure that the space is open and even when you’re inside the house, it still feels like you’re outside. From the kitchen in the heart of the home, you can also see everything – be it the kids in the pool, or your guests sitting outside.

The main thing when we were designing this home, what was really crucial to us, was that everything is open.

Emil Juresic

The surrounding nature was well considered when designing this home, capturing the natural light as well as the incredible mountain and river views was crucial to Emil. 

The stunning outlook can be enjoyed from the balconies, especially the master room, where the balcony is the ideal spot for admiring the views whilst enjoying your morning coffee.

“Or champagne, depends on who you are!” laughs Anna. 

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Emil Juresic

Leo Liu