3 Ways to Find Unique Art to Help Your Space Feel More Homely

 3 Ways to Find Unique Art to Help Your Space Feel More Homely

Over the last year, many of us have found ourselves at home more often than usual. In a time when we’re feeling more disconnected to society than ever before, the connection we feel with our home space has become increasingly important. As such, people are turning more towards decorating their homes the way they love rather than just trying to fill up a space.

Accessible home décor may have had a surge in popularity over the last few years but there’s just something about a mass-produced piece of art that doesn’t quite feel like home. Being able to view your art from a relaxed and casual perspective, while still getting that sense of warmth and connection, is what unique art is about. So, if you’re looking for ways to make your place feel more like home, we spoke to Brydie Stewart – an artisan macrame artist and the founder of textile design store Mary Maker Studio – for her tips on how to choose the type of art that will make your space feel more homely.

Find something that will turn heads

To find something unique it’s important that you go a bit off the beaten path. Art should be fun, inviting, playful and relaxing, not just there to fill up a wall. You know a work is right if it not only turns heads but also makes you smile.

Use the natural aesthetic of your home to see what will complement a piece best. If you’re in a neutral space consider a pop of colour to stand out, or vice versa. If you can’t decide which piece you love best, then think about versatile artwork to mix things up a bit. Artworks that are interchangeable are proving firm favourites to those who wish to brighten up their spaces but also want a little bit of variety. Plus, you’re sure to turn heads if guests are seeing a new piece the next time they walk through the door.

Let yourself be guided by nostalgia

To add that homely feel to your art have a good think about why you actually love a piece. Nostalgia can be a great driver when it comes to choosing pieces that have that homely feel, but it isn’t just restricted to what an image looks like or where it has been taken. This could be something that reminds you of your childhood, whether in the form of the art itself, the type of image, or even the style of colours. It could remind you of a moment in time, a fragrance, or a walk in the park.

Sometimes art can bring back beautiful memories and catch moments that words cannot, even if we don’t know why. If a piece of art makes you feel warm and content, then it’s something you should include in your home. 

Get something custom made or make it yourself

Sometimes you just can’t get that homely feeling with something you buy in a shop. Artists who can work with you on custom pieces, or creating something yourself, can bring that beautiful sense of calm and connection to your home all while matching the aesthetic you already have.

When we fill our walls with handmade, bespoke pieces, we invite a sense of warmth and nostalgia. But we also tie to that slower artisan way of living. In our busy lives it’s important that we do find that time to slow down, and creating a bespoke piece to invoke that unique energy and flow will add wonders to the connectedness you feel within your own home.

Overall, when it comes to choosing art for your home, choose based on what you like and not what you think you should have. Uniqueness doesn’t just come from the art but how you style it within your home and the feeling that it gives you. After all, your home is where your heart is. 

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